How Naturopathic Medicine can help you

If you are suffering from an chronic or acute condition, Naturopathic medicine can play a role in treating those conditions. Many health concerns respond to natural treatments to reduce inflammation and re-build tissue or to rid the body of unwanted parasites or bacteria or yeast.  Herbs, homeopathic medicines, nutritional supplements, or acupuncture are used in a tailored approach to each person.

Dr. Karen Barnes ND may suggest  different ways to determine the cause of illness such as; organ testing, food sensitivity testing, blood testing (which may be ordered through her or your medical doctor), salivary hormone testing for example or suggest referrals to get further testing done with your MD. 

By working with the body's ability to heal itself  and by focusing on

treating the cause of illness you can work toward your health goal,

prevention of disease and optimal health.